Endo-Cannabinoid Support (ECS) Therapy

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The endo-cannabinoid system is an important component of human health already present within the body. It is centrally involved in the regulation of multiple important physiological processes. Its effects are mediated by cannabinoid receptors that are widely distributed throughout the body and central nervous system. The function of the endocannabinoid system may be supported or supplemented by the use of plant-derived cannabinoids supplied as medication.

Examples of conditions for which endocannabinoid support may be useful include:

Hemp cbd oil serum in glass dropper bottle with cannabis leaves, Moisturizing cream, Serum, lotion,

About ECS Therapies

There are two main medication components utilised in endo-cannabinoid support. These may be used separately or in combination according to individual patient requirements. Our doctors will help you arrive at the best plan for you.

For Patients 1

Type 1

  • Lacks direct psychoactive effects
  • Assists with long term mood regulation and suppresses fight or flight responses
  • Reduces inflammation and calms nerve irritation
  • Provides nausea prevention
  • Has anti-seizure activity

For Patients 2

Type 2

  • Direct psychoactivity
  • Actively promotes sleep
  • Slows pain pathways in the spinal cord
  • Alters the higher processing of pain signals
  • Causes muscle relaxation
  • Relieves nausea and vomiting

For Patients 3

Terpenes and Accessory Molecules

  • Defines the individual feel of particular varieties
  • In general three broad categories of effects; uplifting, sedating and variants in between

For Patients 4

Modes of Administration

  • Medications may be used orally or by inhalation
  • This affects the timing and duration of medication effects